Anime Party

Anime Party – This week marks the third anniversary of Dives Shallow in Anime! I can’t believe how long it’s been, and frankly, I can’t believe I’ve been able to keep up.

In three years, I am amazed at how well the blog has done. It has always been a passion project of mine that I used to put my ideas out into the world instead of keeping them in my head. I decided not to write a book about blogging anymore or giving good thoughts about this anime or that anime. I’ve just been a guy trying to give his opinion on the shows he likes, and I’m probably doing it honestly and openly.

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Anime Party

That honest and open mind, over three years, has grown into the true purpose of this blog. Exaggeration, swagger and arrogance are everywhere, and people prefer to twist the words of this or that show to fit their own perspective instead of seeing things. I have tried to do the opposite. I don’t watch anime as it wants to be, I watch anime as it is. Cut the crap and make small, sweet points and get to the point.

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, Trying to divide the difference in Faye Valentine, or see what is good about the show, what could be. Every anime I have come across on this blog is good or bad, sweet or bitter. I talk quite a bit on this blog and what comes up is almost always something special to share.

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As always, I have many people to thank: Crow, Irina, Lynn, Scott, Yomu, Pete, John Spencer, Inixbane, and InfiniteZenith, who are always there to chat or comment. And most of all you. If you took the time to check out one of my posts, please like or leave a comment. Know that you have always brought a smile to my face. And warm in my heart.

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So this is three years of Shallow dive into anime. You can expect a Thursday post with party reviews. One that has lasted a long, long time. I’m really interested to see what people think, but for now that’s all I can say.

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