Beach Bum Outfit

Beach Bum Outfit – In 2017, nearly two years before its official March release date, Harmony Korine’s new film Beach Tramp has already made waves as photos of Matthew McConaughey, who plays the original Moondog, have been making the rounds online. Sure, the attention-grabbing antics were noteworthy (have you ever seen someone eat lobster on a hoverboard?), but it was really McConaughey’s costumes, designed by Heidi Bivens, that made this movie a failure. Bivens’ designs were not only very interesting, but very relevant to the modern rogue aesthetic before it entered our zeitgeist discourse.

According to Bivens, Corinne is very fond of wardrobe, often writing it into the script to serve as specific starting points for costumes and characters. (He also previously worked with Corinne on another Florida film, the high-profile Spring Breakers). For inspiration, the director turned to South Florida residents and references. Most of them are obscure, unfamiliar names or familiar faces. now it’s in the public eye. “She sends me celebrities for inspiration, and if I ever use a celebrity reference on my mood board, she often asks me to think outside the box,” says Bivens. “Harmony usually likes to look at people with strong character that you see on the street.”

Beach Bum Outfit

In Beach Tramp, Moondog wears a car print two-piece, but it’s perfect. The idea for the outfit came when Bivens and Corinne came across a storefront in Key West that had a window designed for six- or seven-year-old boys and covered in sea animals.

Beach Bum Tee

“[Harmony] loved it, so I decided to get the same material for the big man, and it was out of the world,” says Bivens. While 1950s booths can be easily purchased from online stores such as Etsy and Ebay, most vintage pieces are made from terry fabric. “It wasn’t exactly the look we were going for, so out of necessity I found the fabric and made the embellishments,” explains Bivens, who had a tailor on hand. “It became a real source of creativity for a costume designer. It was a joy because I don’t create costumes for every film.”

Of the two regular costumes Moondog wears, Bivens says the flame costume he wore to his daughter’s wedding is the most unique. “It came out of the Harmony records. He wanted Moondog to look like it was on fire,” he says. “We made several copies of this suit because [Matthew] does a lot of water work in them, and he actually took a lot of the clothes home after the movie.” (Indeed, McConaughey wore a fire dress to the film’s world premiere at SXSW in Austin.)

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To finish off the rest of Moondog’s look, Bivens opted for a pair of Brooks suede lace-up sneakers, inspired by Key West, who wore the style just right. “Dad’s shoe style was a hit, but it wasn’t fashionable yet,” she recalls. “So at the time we didn’t know how hard it was going to hit, and I think that was a fluke as well.” Bivens also said that the idea of ​​sandals also came up during casting, but Corinne “doesn’t like to look at men’s feet,” so open-toed shoes were out of the question.

Bivens also gave McConaughey’s character a fashionable backpack, a practical nomadic accessory throughout the film. How to carry and how to carry the fanny pack was also a strong style choice; “[Moondog] liked to wear it in the front, very front,” says Bivens. “Not to the side or too far behind, but too far ahead.” Other thought-provoking pieces included Moondog jewelry: rings, a banana ring, “the weirdest thing we’ve thrown out there,” and a pendant necklace that, upon closer inspection, shows a flying penis, a lobster claw, and a naked woman . with a small moon and a veil (spirit) showing a man piercing a woman’s breasts when they are covered or in use.

California Beach Bum — Sarah Christine

For the rest of the cast of The Beach Bum, Bivens offered similar descriptions of Florida-style ensembles. Moondog’s wife Minnie (Isla Fisher) is often dressed in lingerie or designer clothes. “I used existing brands that I thought emphasized the idea that she was a rich woman and represented Miami and the style that’s known there,” says Bivens.

When Minnie first appears, greeting the Moon Dog on the dock of their mansion, she is wearing La Perla underwear, a floral Gucci dress, and “incredibly high” Valentino shoes. Later, Minnie wears a Roberto Cavalli dress, Gianvito Rossi shoes, and a printed Pucci dress. Moondog even pulled a few items from his wife’s closet, like a pink dress with marabou feathers and a pair of Ugg boots, which Bivens painted silver and accessorized with hearts, which Corrin explains in the liner notes.

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It also features Snoop Dogg, who plays underwear and wears his personal clothes in the film. “He just showed up on set and Harmony thought it worked, so we went,” Bivens recalls. “It was fun. I was able to make her clothes to her measurements, but I think I only did one thing for her. Martin Lawrence plays the dolphin-obsessed Captain Wake, as any tourist living in Florida would imagine, and the literary agent Moondog Lewis (Jonah Hill) had a wonderful encounter with a southern gentleman in Palm Beach.

But it’s Zac Efron’s Flicker whose style stands out as much as Moondog’s choice of costumes. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do a JNCO with elephants,” says Bivens, who used an Ed Hardy-esque shirt and muay thai shorts for his Flickr image. Inspired by the rocker’s love of Christian rock and metal, Bivens decorated his vest with religious motifs. “One of my favorite things to say is, ‘These are my church clothes,'” says Bivens. “Then with facial hair and a permanent pair, he added a lot of humor. [Zach] really played.”

The Beach Bum Fashion Is The Best Part Of The Movie

And just when you thought you were used to Moondog’s style, the movie star forces him to replace two of his collections with womenswear. “The joke is that he wears women’s clothing and looks just like the Moon Dog. It’s just Moondog in a dress,” says Bivens, who looked to Austin-based local celebrity Leslie Cochran for inspiration. “But now there is no going back for him from this point. He is very comfortable and it is natural, so he continues to do it. And that’s for his own reasons.”

One of the dresses was from Adam Selman’s Spring 2018 runway collection, a green gown with a pearl neckline made especially for McConaughey. “Goes in a fanny pack,” says Bivens.

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Fashion designer Heidi Bivens looked through her collection of skate magazines, studied samples from the archives and avoided nostalgic pornography. In some of these pictures, she is wearing a royal purple thong, while in others, she is wearing only yellow lines. But while these naked moments are fun, they’re not really the most important part of Harmony Korine’s next spring break.

In fact, people have been talking about the fashion of this movie ever since it was first released in 2017. “Garage” was considered “the best movie about fashion”.

Matthew Mcconaughey Rocks Tie Dye, Chugs Red Wine On ‘beach Bum’ Set: Photo 3993220

He even concluded that McConaughey, like his character Moondog, looks good in paparazzi photos. My point is that, like Moondog, the drunken, sad, sweet, carefree poet at the center of this sun-kissed laissez faire comedy, the clothes in this film scream: And that’s the right 2019 vibe everyone should be in. Moondog is a poet who uses the world as his muse. I’m just a girl who uses her wardrobe as I am.

And even if it looks like McConaughey in his captain’s hat, CVS shades, beach blonde wig, and flaming two-piece suit (which he wore to his daughters’ wedding), it’s amazing, it really works. In addition. This is the meaning. Aura: Type:

To prove it, here’s a quick list of what the characters in this movie are wearing: oversized JNCO jeans (Zac Efron as Flicker), white leather golf gloves (Jonah Gill as Lewis), silk coat with “Snoop Dogg” written on it. ) as Rae aka Lingerie), a Missoni-esque muumuu (Isla Fisher as Minnie Boo), a custom-made goth outfit that says “This is my church outfit” (Efron),

Missoni Muumuu (McConaughey), Jeremy Scott Ugg Boots (McConaughey), Sequin Mini Dress (McConaughey), Neon Thong (McConaughey), Lime

Matthew Mcconaughey Rocks Tie Dye, Chugs Red Wine On ‘beach Bum’ Set: Photo 3993217

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