Book calls out America’s ignorance, offers a real fix

Sorry America, you are ignorant and it is tearing this country apart.

But there is a solution if people are willing to listen to the shockingly simple but dangerously radical plan revealed in a new book by Focus on the Family Vice President Tim Goglein.

“We must devote ourselves to teaching history — real, verifiable, factual history, in all its glories and tragedies. We should not be afraid to teach the ugly truths about America alongside the beautiful truths, because America’s founding vision is pure and its ideals are noble. Our failures will not change that,” he wrote in Toward a More Perfect Union: A Moral and Cultural Work to Teach the Great American Story.


“Every young American should learn the history of a nation that is a glorious vision of unity, freedom and dignity for all. Our story is not straightforward. It’s not all good. But at least for now, it’s not a tragedy, added Goglein, a longtime Christian adviser in Washington and a former White House aide to former President George W. Bush.

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Goeglein’s latest book takes its title from the preamble to the Constitution, a phrase often used by book title writers. These include his The Man in the Middle: An Inside Story of Faith and Politics in the Age of George W. Bush and American Recovery: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Will Heal Our Nation.


Towards a more perfect union directly attacks the current “woke” culture and deliberately rewrites American history in a way that doesn’t hurt feelings.

He cites several examples, including how many schoolchildren were told that visitors to the Mayflower “were persecutors involved in cultural genocide.”

But, he wrote, new classes in schools are widening the gap. “Instead of uniting Americans of all backgrounds and cultures around a common love, it is dividing us and spreading hatred,” he said.

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His idea: just say it straight and let the chips fall where they may.

Goeglein said it’s not just a conservative wish. He cited liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s call for honest education after reviewing the K-12 curriculum.

At the time, in 1991, he said Schlesinger encouraged schools to focus on what unites Americans, not what divides them. Many schools, especially those currently pushing critical race theory, the 1619 Project, and other ideas, have gone the other way.

“Young people are leaving our education system cynical, righteous and disillusioned. “Instead of being grateful, they are angry,” Goglein said.

He also cited former Clinton adviser William Galston as a critic of current education. “It’s not hard to see why only 15% of people under 30 think the United States is the greatest country on earth,” Galston wrote. The Wall Street Journal.

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Goeglein said it’s difficult to push back the wake-up call, but some communities are making progress. He cited the state of Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis is waging war against woke politics in state and corporate boardrooms. He also referenced the shooting of parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, which helped Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin win a parent-first agenda.

Others transferred their children to charter and private schools.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Goglein concludes in his book, which will be released tomorrow by Fidelis Publishing. “But we have to do it for the future of our children and our country. The future of Western civilization is in danger,” he concluded.


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