“Brittney Griner Is Ungrateful for America!”: Having Escaped to USA, Award Winning Author Slams WNBA Star

Like most WNBA players, Brittney Griner took the offseason to go overseas. His journey would end in horror. He was arrested in Russia. For 294 days, the WNBA star would be in the correctional colony. Finally, after that time, he returned to US soil. However, his condition has sparked several debates. About the current wage disparity.


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Griner’s arrest sparked a long-running controversy among some. It should be noted that several WNBA stars like Diana Taurasi travel in the winter to earn extra money. Compared to the NBA, the average salary in the women’s league is $8.4 million less. In countries like Russia or China, they can earn much higher wages to compensate. During her career in Russia, Britney Griner earned $1 million.

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PALMETTO, FL – AUGUST 10: Brittney Griner #42 of the Phoenix Mercury walks hand-in-hand with wife Cherelle Watson after their win over the Dallas Wings at Feld Entertainment Center on August 10, 2020 in Palmetto, Florida. (Getty Images)

Eliza Van Kirk looks at the situation and believes that the US women’s sport is weak. In response, another author criticized the returning WNBA superstar.


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Brittney Griner’s situation has sparked controversy

Van Kirk spoke with College Fix regarding Griner’s return. According to him, seven-time All-Star athletes should travel. Kirk believes that America is not equally important to women’s sports. In addition, he revealed his relationship with a man. The coach said: “A]few months ago, a man started talking to me about the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) being ‘boring’ because most women don’t dunk.”


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about 18 hours ago

However, writer Brigitte Gabriel released the Phoenix Mercury Center. He said, “Brittney Griner is not happy for America!”


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Several WNBA superstars came out to cheer for Griner’s homecoming. The festivities were underway when Joe Biden announced his return after a year-long hiatus. However, on the other hand, there are many people who oppose this decision. Few people attended Brittney Griner’s homecoming. Support was strong, but so was opposition. The main reason for the backlash was the administration’s failure to secure the return of Paul Whelan. As a former Marine, many opposed bringing the WNBA star back. However, both Brittney Griner and his wife are determined to get all the citizens back.

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