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Comedian Rich Williams’ path to stand-up began the day he brought a knife to work.

Granted, it was a steak knife so he could cut the steak he brought to work once a month for lunch. But the tool he needed was a big “Danger, Will Robinson” red flag to his manager, who reported him to human resources and CCed him in an email.

Williams was shocked.

“He can’t imagine if I’m angry but this is my weapon of choice,” he said. “Now that I’m at my desk cutting with a 9mm, he needs to worry.”

The dust prompted him to look for a new job, which led him to accidentally leave his resume on his desk and eventually he was fired, he suspects. And the big release happened on the same day he did his first open mic in Houston, where he grew up and now lives.

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“I was sitting in the truck thinking I was going to cry,” she said, “and I thought wait a minute, you have to get up in a few hours. You can’t be sad. You have 40 friends coming to the show to see you for the first time.”

He rallied and put on a decent performance, if he does say so himself. 13 years ago.

“I haven’t had a job since,” he said.

Williams will perform Friday and Saturday at 3E’s Comedy Club.

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His mind always knew that he would be an actor, but it took a circuitous path to get him on stage. As a child, she dreamed of becoming an R&B singer and songwriter. He recorded an album and even made a video in the early 2000s, but ran out of money soon after. It was not a success. Now, his friends keep offering him money to find the master copy so they can turn it into an MP4 video file and make fun of him.

Those friends were even more supportive when he started posting jokes on Facebook, encouraging him to continue standing. He thought why? And started writing jokes during lunch hours and free time.

“I’ve been in public speaking since high school and was on the debate team and went to state,” Williams said. “For career options, I thought I could go into law or be a motivational speaker. Even though I watched comedy, I never thought I could do stand-up. I thought I was weird, but I wasn’t. it’s funny.

But after the success of his first show, the open mics kept coming together, and eventually he started producing weekly open mics. Between that and the unemployment check he got when he was fired, he was able to eat.

And now he travels around the country hoping to hear the sweet voice of the people — that is what sustains and heals him, despite the danger. When a close friend died by suicide a few years ago, a program was planned for the following night.

“I got to go up in front of two hundred people and it was funny when I lost this guy I’ve known since eighth grade,” he said. “I was surprised that I was able to be funny in that situation and still bring joy to people. When I shared what happened it was a cathartic experience. “

Contact the author: 636-0270

Contact the author: 636-0270


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