DC Officially Canonizes 10 New Universes In Movies, TV & Books

In a new comic Dark Crisis: The Big BangDC has outlined many different official names for fan-favorite movies, shows and books.

the Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths The event began in late spring 2022 and will conclude in early 2023. The event explored various worlds across DC’s vast Multiverse as young people grappled with the death of their mentors. hero.

Before the event, some non-canon DC properties in the DC comics universe were given universe names so fans could keep track of the different dimensions. Earth-12, for example, is where the events of Batman more take place. Earth-66, for another, is where the Batman 1960s TV shows and movies.

And now, DC has called more of these universes, giving fans a broader picture of where their favorite properties are within the Multiverse.

DC announces 10 universe appointments

Through Barry Allen’s (Flash) record of the many universes he saw as he ran through the Multiverse in Dark Crisis: The Big BangDC has provided 10 non-canon properties for official DC universe designation.

1.) Land-55 (DCetsy)

Batman, Zombie Nightwing, Zombie Batgirl, DCeased

Earth-55 is now the official location of the incident DCeased (2019) et al., DCeased: Dead Planet (2020-2021) and DCeased: War of the Undead Gods (2022-present), by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine. On Earth-55, the anti-life resemblance mixed with Cyborg’s body has led to a zombie-like virus infecting the DC superheroes fans know and love.

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2.) Earth-63 (DC vs. Vampires)

Batman, Green Arrow, DC vs.  Vampires

Earth-63 is his world DC vs. Vampire (2021-present) by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt is made. This fan-favorite series, as the name suggests, sees DC characters face an onslaught of vampires among them, slowly turning the heroes into bloodthirsty creatures.

3.) Earth-93 (The Dakotaverse)

Dakotaverse, Milestone Comics characters

Earth-93 is named as the official home of Dwayne McDuffie’s Milestone Media comics, which is the current category for DC comics. This world is where beloved characters like Static, Icon, and Rocket were born. It was probably named Earth-93 because it was founded by Milestone Media in 1993.

4.) Earth-96 (DC Super Hero Girls)

DC Super Hero Girls

Earth-96 is the world of the Netflix series DC Super Hero Girls and a variety of related comics and stories. On Earth-96, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Supergirl, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), and Bumblebee are all going to high school, super-heroics, and trying to keep their identity. him.

5.) Earth-98 (Green Lantern: Legacy)

Tai Pham, Green Lantern

Earth-98 is the new location named Green Lantern: Legacy (2020), a graphic novel by Minh Le and Andie Tong. The book follows Tai Pham, a teenager who has a Green Lantern ring.

6.) Earth-100 (Kami Garcia/Gabriel Picolo Universe)

Beast Boy Loves Raven cover

Earth-100 is the new name for the Teen Titans universe created by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo. This duo is the back team Teen Titans: Raven (2019), Teen Titans: Beast Boy (2020), Teen Titans: Beast Boy loves Raven (2021), and the future Teen Titans: Robin (2023). These stories are a new and modern take on the classic Teen Titans team, which takes place in present-day Earth-100.

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7.) Earth-118 (Dark Knights of Steel)

Dark Knights of Steel

Earth-118 is home to another of Tom Taylor’s classic DC superheroes, but this time they’re in a fantasy world. Dark Knights of Steel (2021-present) is a series written by Taylor and Yasmine Putri that features Superman, Batman, all the Robins (yes, all of them – including Stephanie Brown and Duke Thomas), and more the world of knights, lords, and others. same miracle.

8.) Earth-789 (Superman ’78, Batman ’89)

Christopher Reeve Superman, Michael Keaton Batman, DC logo

Earth-789 is the setting for two live events in the DC infrastructure. or Superman ’78 (2021-2022) by Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres, and Batman ’89 (2021-2022) by Sam Hamm and Joe Quinones is a film adaptation of Richard Donner Superman movies and Tim Burton Batman films respectively, each first released in the year of the comic’s title. Earth-789 — likely a reference to “78” and “89” — is home to the Donner’s. Superman and Burton Batmanofficially setting the two stories in one world.

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9.) Earth-1956 (The Adventures of Superboy/Super Friends)

DC's Super Friends

Earth-1956 is where the old school DC cartoons take place: The Adventures of Superboy (1966-1969) and Super Friends (1973-1985). Despite the name, the 1966 show isn’t about Conner Kent or Jonathan Kent – known to modern Superboys fans – but actually follows Clark Kent as a teenager. Super Friends focuses on the DC trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman), along with Robin (Dick Grayson) and Aquaman. Both shows coexist on Earth-1956.

10.) Earth-1996 (Mysterious Hero)

Heroes in Crisis, DC

Earth-1996 has, so far, not been associated with any particular DC property or group of people, but was first introduced in the Dark Crisis: The Big Bang one shot. Barry wrote, “Earth-1996 – Mysterious “combined” (?) heroes; need more investigation?

Perhaps this new Earth-1996 will play an important role in the conclusion of the upcoming events. Or, if not, it could represent a fan of Earth already known to his fans. Young Justice (2010-present) was classified as Earth-16, but is no longer listed as such. Teen Titans (2003-2006) and Teen Titans Go! (2013-present) neither has an official universe name, nor does the DC Animated Universe as a whole.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths will end in early 2023, with previous issues available for purchase at local comic book stores.


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