Elon Musk alleges SBF donated over $1B to Democrats: ‘Where did it go?’

Many in the crypto space have accused the mainstream media of deliberately softening the actions of FTX CEO Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is on a self-proclaimed mission to position Twitter as “most accurate”. Information sources.”

While the world is still getting over the shock of FTX’s collapse and realizing that SBF has been embezzling users’ funds and engaging in shady investment practices through its sister trading company, Will Manidis, CEO of ScienceIO – a healthcare data platform – tweeted that SBF created one of the “highest ROI transactions of all time” by donating $40 million to the right politicians, who he claims helped him get away with stealing more than $10 billion.

Musk responded to the tweet, alleging that the actual amount SBF donated to Democratic candidates was more than $1 billion, far more than the $40 million amount disclosed publicly. Former SBF admit for “dark” donations to the Republican Party. Gunner asked:

“His real support for Dem elections is probably over $1 billion. The money went somewhere, so where did it go?”

Meanwhile, US House Financial Services Committee Chairman Maxine Waters, Democrat and senior Republican Patrick McHenry, have asked the SBF to appear at the investigative hearing. scheduled to take place on December 13.

Polygon CEO Ryan Wyatt responded to Waters’ request by stating that “he [SBF] a criminal. What’s happening.”

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This latest wave of backlash against SBF comes shortly after he gave an interview during The New York Times DealBook Summit and Good morning America.

During its so-called “sorry ride,” the SBF portrayed itself as a victim and even received a round of applause at the end of its appearance at the DealBook Summit. According to Twitter user and developer Naomi, “Watching the SBF interview is like watching a Casey Anthony documentary. They are too mechanical, too dishonest in the way they communicate. If you feel any emotion, it slows everyone down. How it is expressed is a separate subjective matter.”

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Update (December 5, 10:10 p.m. UTC): This article previously stated that Bankman-Fried admitted to giving backdoor donations to the Democratic Party. It was updated to reflect that his dark donations went to the Republican Party.

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