Evil Dead Rise – First Image from Brand New 2023 Horror Movie!

Independent production Glass Eye Pix announced this director Larry Fessenden (Wendigo, The Last Winter, Evil) completed principal photography in his seventh feature film, silence. The picture, which is a star Alex Hurt because Fine Arts painter Charley Barrett is convinced that it was a werewolf that destroyed a small town in the United States under the full moon, enveloped in the glow of October 8th. Hunter Moonwith pickup completed on October 16th.

The film features actors in it Addison Timlin (Little sister, like me, bad manners), Motel Gyn Foster (Marriage history, Foxhole), Joseph Castillo-Midyett (Equalizer, Death Saved My Life), Ella Rae Peck (to come Crumb Catcher), Rigo Garay (Crumb Catcher), John Speredakos (Wendigo, I sell the dead), Michael Buscemi (Habits, BlackKkKlansman), Jeremy Holm (The Ranger, Brooklyn 45), Joe Swanberg (You’re next, Offseason), Barbara Crampton (You are next, Jakob’s wife), James Le Gros (Foxhole, the last winter), and Marshall Bell (Remember fully, Stand by Me).

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Produced by Fessenden, James Felix McKenney, and Chris Ingvordsen, the film was created by Gaby Leyner. Collin Braizie is a cinematographer, following his previous work on Glass Eye Pix production Foxhole. The main character’s artwork was created for the film by Brooklyn-based artist John Mitchell.

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silence was shot in stores and on location in New York’s Hudson Valley and was designed to depict the area including Woodstock, Olivebridge, Andes, and Kingston. Many local merchants have generously supported independent production. Fessenden explained: “My approach is to combine a docu-naturalist style with the myth of the werewolf story, an ongoing interest in mixing reality with stylization, and to combine contemporary societal themes with ‘the giant movie clichés.”

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Makeup and special effects are handled by long-time Glass Eye Pix partners Brian Spears SY Peter Gernerwho previously created the Frankenstein monster for Fessenden’s 2019 film bad behavior. Fessenden comments, “Yes, I’m competing with Marvel and Blumhouse to create my own Monsterverse, but at a very different price.” Fessenden’s 1997 film habit is a vampire film that stands out for its 90’s New York atmosphere and natural treatment of the genre.


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