Hat Storage Ideas

Hat Storage Ideas – As summer approaches, I find myself dreaming of flea markets, beach walks, and lounging by the pool…and for a blonde like me, wearing a hat to dinner is just the thing.

But I’m not complaining. I love hats! Baseball caps, fedoras, wide brimmed hats, cowboy hats…you name it, I

Hat Storage Ideas

What I don’t like is the limited options for storing and organizing hats. Since hats come in all shapes and sizes, storing them can be a little inconvenient. Over the years I have damaged and destroyed most hats due to poor storage options and lack of consistent organizational habits.

Wall Storage Ideas For When You Have No More Room

So today I’ve collected your favorite hats and clothes from the dark depths of your closet and put them on your head! I hope it inspires you!

When I spotted this chic hat rack at Club Monaco, I wanted to jump for joy! This creates such a cool collage look that maximizes wall space in a closet or bedroom.

Artfully hanging a hat can be a great conversation starter. This selection of hanging hats is inspired by sailing! Image via Design Milk

For special pieces worthy of their ‘moment’, the doctor ordered a fine hat stand. image through anthropology

Hat Storage Ideas To Organize Your Favorite Accessories

We’re big fans of using S-hooks to store just about anything! In this case, using the hooks in the tutorial will do wonders to keep hats and accessories clean and organized. image via Styleizimo blog

Baseball caps can be easily stored in a drawer. I’d rather save the hanging space for a headgear that doesn’t bend or fold and put this guy in a low or hidden area. Image via Pinterest

The easiest way to get an affordable and safe holiday hat is to turn it into a work of art. A few pins or nails are all you need to hang this beauty on the wall. Image via A Beautiful Mess

Windows are a great idea! This wall space is often overlooked for extra hanging space. Image via Indulgy

Creative Ideas For Hat Sotrage

If you have a solid headboard that does not lose its shape, stacking it high is a space-saving option. Place it on a bohemian, rustic hanger … now it’s just a stylish accessory. Image via Oracle Fox

Some lightweight yarn and a clothespin are all you need to pull off this inexpensive hat.

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Overhead storage is a unique trick done by storage professionals. Vanessa, the owner of this vintage store, hung chains from the ceiling and used safety pins to create this masterpiece!

This adorable nautical style hat rack looks great not only on baseball caps, but also on hats with small brims like fedoras! image via Fiskars.com

Hat Organizing Ideas

How to arrange the caps on the wall, I do not know! But it looks really fun and inspired me to combine similar hats to create a monochromatic look for more impact. Image via ClassicLivingshlm

I call it “worthy of consideration”. This DIY hanging hat rack is adorable and will make any hat collection look great!

Another interesting place to display hats as works of art is the bed. The hat rack appears to hold the middle four hats while the others hang individually. A hook or nail is an easy solution here. Image via Apartment Therapy

Using a traditional hat box is not the only way. Using vintage trunks and boxes can be a great solution to maintain style. Images / products via Etsy

Pcs Baseball Cap Closet Rack Hat Holder Rack Home Organizer Storage Door Hange

Pins make great hat holders because they are so soft and don’t leave marks on the brim of the hat. They add extra security so they don’t slip off the hangers. Image via A Beautiful Mess

A beautiful way to display a baseball cap! Who just showed up! I was very interested in this clever idea. Image via SF Girl By the Bay

Putting a hat on top of a mannequin is like the coolest thing ever! I am in love with this idea!! Image via Teen Vogue!

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Dave and I are both hat fans, but I have to admit I’m more of a collector than a wearer. I’m always tempted by the idea of ​​wearing a hat, but sometimes I feel a little ridiculous when I do. Self-awareness. Nevertheless, I keep buying them and my collection is growing. I recently decided to wear it more often. The problem is that all these hats are stored in boxes or drawers and cannot be seen. I forget to wear it even though I really need it. After cutting my favorite panama hat (purchased at a dusty little hat shop in Puerto Rico) from the bottom of the box under our bed, I decided there had to be a better way to store it. I found some clothespins, nails and a length of yarn and put together this super easy hat band (for lack of a better name). The pins turned out to be too flimsy, but I replaced them with art clips I found at a local art store and they worked great. I tied it to the foot of the string and tied one end of the string to a tall nail on the wall. Now our hats are visible, accessible and unbreakable.

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This entry was posted by Jennifer Moore on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 7:57 pm. Tags: No tags for this post Share: Tweet Love your hat but don’t know how to store it properly? Here is a collection of hat rack ideas that you can use decoratively to display hats.

If you love hats and tend to leave them scattered around the house, then you need a hat rack. But does this furniture have to be purely functional? Is it supposed to be a traditional shelf?

That’s all right! There are a number of ways you can create space for your hat collection (hence this list). This list of twenty-three hat rack ideas is something you can actually… hang your hat on. Let’s get started!

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First of all, there’s an easy conversion to a traditional hat rack that’s perfect for men’s style. Take some reclaimed pallet wood and paint it (with this), then screw in some black eye screws and you’re done.

This is perfect for a bachelor pad, bedroom or living room. Shelves made of dark wood look attractive even when empty, so you won’t have unattractive furniture taking up space.

This next hack takes rustic minimalism to a whole new level, eschewing traditional shelf shapes for branches and some rows. And you know? It works beautifully! It is a great addition to a country house.

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While you can hang the branches any way you like, I recommend using these leather ties to secure them to the wall. If you are a landlord, they are easy to remove and add to the overall look.

Jewelry Storage Ideas To Avoid Tangles And Keep Accessories Tidy

If you’re looking for something simple, cheap and elegant, you’ve just found it. This hat wall hangs on wooden hangers and uses wooden coat hangers (here) to hold the hats.

You can use any string to make this hat wall, but I recommend macramé string. It is clean, white, without stains and very durable. Get high quality macrame rope here.

Some people in this world love hats; they have a few that switch here and there. You are something completely different now. You like hats

Or you? The space above your windows and doors has storage potential, but is often overlooked due to its height. However, you can easily remove the hat with a hook like this one.

Hat Rack Diy

Next, we have a clever way to use the space around the mirror in a wooden frame. Not only will this give you easy access to your headgear while styling, but it will also make you look like a globetrotter!

If you want to preserve the wooden structure of the mirror without the cover, I recommend using a wooden hook like this one. It is ideal for building into a wall or timber frame, but it works well.

If you have old wood lying around in your yard or know where to get a pallet quickly, this is the hat rack for you. Save yourself a rainy weekend to make it; you’ll be done in no time.

This is a great project for beginning woodworkers! All cuts and joins are simple and the results are so polished that you’ll feel confident.

Premiumracks Coat Rack & Coat Rack

If you’d rather use mobile furniture than build a built-in hat rack, here’s the solution! This industrial-inspired hat rack is authentic

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