How to Model Risk in a Turbulent Property Market

Understanding the upside and downside of a real estate deal can be the difference between profit and risk. One of the ways that investors do this is through the use of financial modeling that estimates and analyzes the potential financial impact of different situations on an asset or asset portfolio. Modeling can help assess the potential for loss of income, capital, and other assets due to market downturns, asset degradation, or other events. Financial modeling can also help identify potential solutions, such as asset acquisition or refinancing, that could mitigate possible losses.

Unfortunately, financial modeling is largely based on assumptions. And one of the harder assumptions for any financial model is risk. Risk can be described in terms of Probability and Impact. Probability refers to the likelihood that a particular event will occur, while Impact refers to the potential financial consequences of that event occurring. While there is no perfect mathematical formula that can quantify financial risk in the real estate sector, there are many ways to improve on our current methods.

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Join us in this free webinar, where we’ll explore ways in which technology and advanced analytics can help improve our understanding of real estate valuation risk. NYU industry veterans Josh Panknin and John Rodgers, Director of Innovation at CoreLogic, along with Propmodo Editor Franco Faraudo will explore increased data access and innovative new approaches to data mining. Financial models are changing the way we assess risk and improve outcomes.

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Josh Panknin

Josh’s mission is to fundamentally transform the real estate industry through the development and implementation of innovative technologies. By combining Columbia University’s vast technology resources with the flair of some of the world’s leading real estate firms, Josh and his team are solving some of the fundamental problems with apps. widely throughout the industry. In the spirit of some of the most innovative organizations in the world, Josh strives to bring together concepts of systems thinking, in-depth industry knowledge, thought leadership, technology adaptation from industries. and develop new technologies specifically for the built environment. With a more holistic view of the industry, a more fundamental understanding of the challenges and opportunities, and resources for implementation, Josh is working to bring significant improvement through technology to the real estate industry. property will bring profound benefits to both the business world and society .

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Josh Panknin

Director, Real Estate AI Research & Innovation

Josh’s mission is to fundamentally transform the real estate industry…

John Rogers

John Rogers serves as CoreLogic’s Chief Innovation Officer and is responsible for R&D. Are from
promote new solutions that understand the impact on the real estate economy due to climate change, to
Breakthrough models identify suitable land fund for affordable housing development, R&D team
solve big housing problems and work with multiple clients in the housing industry to drive growth
and minimize the risk on their business books.

Prior to joining CoreLogic, John was an IBM Global Business Services Partner, where he focused on
the provision of multi-million dollar major conversion programs to the financial sector throughout the United States
United Kingdom and Australia. Before that, John worked as a consultant for Itim Consulting, a fashion store
management company based in London. John’s primary role is program manager on several
mission to provide global solutions in retail, pharmaceutical, logistics and information services

John earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Glasgow, UK in Aerospace Engineering.

John Rogers

Innovation director

John Rogers serves as Creative Director for…

Franco Faraudo

Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with companies on their branding and content strategies. He has worked in real estate as an agent, manager and investor. He writes about the intersection of the physical and digital worlds and is the co-founder of Propmodo.

Franco Faraudo

Co-founder and editor

Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with…



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