Inside the final year of Aaron Carter’s life

Aaron Carter was a bit of a “hermit” in his final years, but is determined to get his career back on track, according to his friend and co-author Dan Wright.

Wright, a musician known as 3D Friends, exclusively told Page Six that in the months leading up to the singer’s death on Nov. 5, everything seemed to be back to normal when was preparing to release Carter’s new album, “Blacklisted,” which dropped on Monday.

Wright described the “I Want Candy” singer as someone who “didn’t have a lot of people willing to help” or work with the musician because of his past drug addiction.

He added that Carter just “wants to get his career back,” but it’s difficult because the “Aaron’s Party” singer has turned down the opportunity and reportedly refuses to leave his California home.

Dan Wright (left) and Aaron Carter (right)
Aaron Carter collaborated with Dan Wright (left) in 2021 on his new album, “Blacklisted.”
Dan C. Wright/3D Friends

“I felt like he was almost a fighter,” Wright said. “He didn’t really leave the house. He never really left the town of Lancaster. He likes to stay at home, he likes to stay at home.

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“He was at home, and I think as a result he didn’t have a lot of people wanting to come to his house, stay with him, [and] help him write an album.”

Wright said the last time they spoke was brief and about business plans for the album, and admitted they had lost touch in recent months.

But the musician insists that all the time he worked with Carter, the former child star was very vocal about his dignity.

“Aaron was very proud of being five years sober. He always said that,” Wright said.

“He used the word ‘Cali sober’ a lot,” Wright added, referring to the slang term used to describe people switching from other drugs to marijuana.

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Wright said that along with the weed, he only saw Carter take his Xanax prescription, which he said he had been using “for a long time.”

“He’s putting this bad boy out on the Internet and stuff, but talking to him face to face — he’s very articulate and quick and has a lot of stories and a lot of knowledge. I sure didn’t realize how much he was in the sweep,” Wright said.

Carter has been open about his past drug battles, revealing his huffing addiction in a 2019 interview on “The Doctors.”

Dan Wright (left) and Aaron Carter (right)
Wright said things were business as usual when they spoke two months ago.
Dan C. Wright/3D Friends

Carter has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depression and anxiety.

The “That’s How I Beat Shaq” singer — who shares an 11-month-old son with fiance Melanie Martin — was found dead in his bathtub by his housekeeper on Saturday at the age of 34.

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His cause of death is not yet known, but law enforcement sources told TMZ that first responders found a canister of compressed air in the bathroom at the time of his death.

Aaron Carter as a child
Wright said Carter was “very excited” to be making music again.
John Atashian/Getty Images

Wright said that before his sudden death, Carter was excited to be working on music for the first time in years and was excited about getting ready to go on tour.

“He came out as if he was happy to work. He wants to get his job back. He was excited when [Wright and artist manager Morgan Matthews] booked him a show. He’s excited to do something again,” Wright said.

“I look forward to having him as a friend for the rest of my life. I will see to it.”


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