King Charles, Princess Diana’s marriage was so explosive that ‘violence seemed inevitable,’ bodyguard alleges

It’s no secret that romances like those of King Charles and Princess Diana have turned into nightmares – but one writer says things were darker behind closed doors.

Christopher Andersen has written a new book about the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II titled “The King: The Life of Charles III.” He spoke to many of the castle’s owners, as well as those who had previously known the Prince of Wales or worked closely with him over the years. His aim is to investigate more about the 74-year-old’s “lonely” childhood and military training, as well as the many scandals surrounding his relationships that have rocked the House of Windsor.

Andersen told Fox News Digital that Charles and Diana’s marriage had become so chaotic that royal security officers were wary of all the weapons scattered around the palace.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles look at each other sternly

Behind closed doors, the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales raised eyebrows, says author Christopher Andersen.

“He was very angry,” Andersen said of the king. “I mean, it’s an incredible attitude. [at her]. It is a heavy wooden tool for hunting shoes, made of steel and wood. He threw it at Diana’s head and just missed her.

Ken Stronach, Charles’ former valet, told Andersen that he was in the room “when Charles, in the middle of an argument with Diana, picked up a heavy wooden boot and threw it at her, missing the princess’s head in inches”, as quoted in the book.



“But there are guns all over that castle,” Anderson said. “They like shooting parties, so there are shotguns and rifles for defense and rifles.” [for] security forces… they were worried that there would be violence like this. Lots of yelling and screaming [and] slammed the door. Don’t forget Diana, when she was three months pregnant [Prince] William, he fell down the stairs and landed at the feet of the Queen and Princess Margaret. So there [were] a series of violent scenes. It could have been worse. SY [security] I was afraid that someone would kill themselves, that someone would do something bad, [but] it could be murder. So they tried to disarm the royal family. “

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The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

The marriage of King Charles and Princess Diana turned out to be far from fairytale. According to many sources, it was cursed from the beginning.

Andersen wrote that during the marriage, Charles “sunk into a deep depression” and thought he was “on the verge of a mental breakdown.” He turned to one of his confidants, Arnold Goodman, and said, “I have nothing to live for.” Goodman said Charles was “showing the typical signs of depression.” Not only did Charles believe he was trapped in a loveless marriage, he also feared that a divorce, even if granted to the queen, “would have serious consequences for his children, the family the king and the king.”

Princess Diana was angry with Prince Charles

Royal security officers are said to have become concerned about the number of weapons around as the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana became so explosive.

According to Andersen, Goodman expressed his concerns to the royal protection officers. Ken Wharfe, Diana’s former security guard, described the atmosphere as “very fiery.” A bodyguard told Andersen that the confrontation between Charles and Diana was “so raw” that violence “seemed inevitable”.

“Creating a particular problem was the sheer power of fire within Highgrove’s walls,” Andersen wrote. “Firearms were strewn about the house – ‘guns, rifles, pistols, everything’ – and the spies in charge of protecting the royal family were worried that ‘in a fit of rage,’ any of those who killed themselves, or killed others, or both. There were also legitimate concerns that William and Harry might be damaged. To be safe, all guns were placed under lock and key. “

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According to housekeeper Wendy Berry, she witnessed “doors slamming and fighting” which was “a sign of everyday life”. One of Charles’s valets said he saw Diana chasing Charles “down the hall, up the stairs, and from room to room.” That’s when he said he asked himself, “Why don’t you sleep with me?” Charles replied sarcastically, “I don’t know honey, I think I might be gay.”

Prince Charles was angry with Princess Diana

Christopher Andersen claims that King Charles told Princess Diana that she “might be gay” during one of their arguments.

“He had a falling out with Camilla [Parker Bowles]”, Andersen explained. “He wasn’t interested in it [Diana] no more. He was emotionally closed to Diana. I think Diana got a lot of rap for that, since her death, no one has really been there to defend her against these accusations. “

“She became unwell, her eating got worse and it was all because of Charles and Camilla’s behavior,” Andersen said. “If Camilla hadn’t been in the picture it wouldn’t have happened.”

The problems between Diana and Charles began long before the so-called fairy tale wedding. Charles, the heir to the British throne, was reportedly under pressure to end his relationship with then-Lady Diana Spencer or propose. Before the wedding, Diana expressed doubts about walking down the aisle, especially after seeing a bracelet Charles made for her former flame Camilla. Marriages were troubled, and unhappy couples engaged in extramarital affairs.


King Charles and Princess Diana are dimwitted

In 1992, King Charles and Princess Diana went on an official visit to South Korea. The couple was so miserable that the British newspaper called them “The Glums”.

In 1992, Andrew Morton wrote “Diana: Her True Story”, a shocking story about a broken marriage. It also shed light on Charles’ relationship with Camilla, as well as Diana’s health struggles. At that time, it was not confirmed that the princess was secretly working with the British author on the book. In the same year, it was announced that the couple had separated.

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The divorce was finalized in 1996. A year later, Diana died of injuries sustained in a car accident in Paris at the age of 36.

Andersen said Charles was devastated by Diana’s death. When he received the frightening call, he was said to have tied up the “yellow and shaking” phone. Then he “cries out for him, and from the heart.” One witness described it as “howling” that was heard in the room. Palace staff rushed to Charles’ room and found him “slumped in a chair, sobbing uncontrollably”.

“Charles is not only responsible for fleeing the monarchy at some point after Diana’s death, but also for redeeming her,” Andersen explained. “I don’t think people realize how sad he was when he died. I interviewed the nurses at the hospital who saw him when he walked into the room and saw his body for the first time. He had been hit in the face. He fell back. They thought he was going to faint. They were surprised to see how Charles felt after he died.”

King Charles mourned Princess Diana's funeral

King Charles’ grief over Princess Diana’s sudden death has left palace aides stunned, writes Christopher Andersen.

Andersen said Charles was determined to honor the grieving mother of his two sons.


“He stepped in and made sure the queen gave Diana the send-off she deserved,” he said.

Andersen noted that Charles convinced his mother to give “the speech of her life” as thousands of mourners gathered outside Buckingham Palace. After Diana’s death, many criticized the royal family and insisted that her empire was doomed.

The Queen died on September 8 at the age of 96. Now, Charles faces the task of protecting a 1,000-year-old monarchy. She alienated many people with her messy divorce from the much-loved “Princess of the People,” but now all eyes are on her.

King Charles visited a gas station

Prince Charles became King of England after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on September 8 at the age of 96. He is the longest reigning monarch in Great Britain.

“He’s had a lot to do with the path of the monarchy,” Andersen said. “If [the monarchy] is success, it is because of him. And if the king falls under pressure, it is because of him. We have to wait.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. However, a spokesperson previously told Fox News Digital that “we do not comment on such publications.”


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