Lego Shelves Ideas

Lego Shelves Ideas – This DIY Lego Shelves tutorial was something I had in mind, but when I started putting it together, it was almost like it was meant for this space.

When I was working on my son’s room before the complete makeover, which you can see more about here and here, the idea was that he would grow up with it and so far. It really doesn’t need much updating! But every room needs an update from time to time and in this case his room needed a feature update.

Lego Shelves Ideas

Here’s the catch, last year the shelf overlooking the living room was dedicated to legos. And it didn’t stop there. Even in my son’s room, every surface was covered in legos. Am I alone in this problem? I don’t believe in that. And I had a solution: the process produced awesome Lego shelves that were fun and functional!

Lego Shelves 1

The next thing I did was take a button finder and go along the wall to find the studs, the mounting bracket for the shelves. My studs are located where my Lego stand will be placed.

So I drew the entire shelf design on the wall so I knew exactly where everything went. This involved marking the thickness of the fired MDF I used along the line of my flat studs so I could line up the inside of the stand. That’s how I know it’s level, but there’s still plenty of room for the top.

After running to the hardware store to get a lot of wood, I cut my 2×4 into 1×1 pieces. These are wall supports and spacers or the “guts” of floating shelves.

To assemble the mounts, I tape the ends of my spacers before screwing them into the mount to give them a better grip. I made 4 calendars in total.

Lego Ideas Set 21331 Sonic The Hedgehog

Once the bracket was attached to the wall I put the top on and then took my spacers and marked the top where I wanted the spacers to go. There might be an easier way to do it, but it was a win! That way I knew exactly where to glue and install the spacers. And yes, my DIY LEGO shelf tutorial has a frame!

After each one was built individually, I cut the end at a 45 degree angle. I also added a vertical support to the wall to secure it that way as well.

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I lined up every corner perfectly except for one. So I flattened the small edge that didn’t line up. Once you’ve patched and painted, you’ll never know!

This is very important! Do not forget to attach the shelf to the wall bracket and screw it with angle screws.

Clever Ideas To Help Your Kids Organize Their Lego Sets

When the shelf is fully raised and attached to the wall, you know the time: fix time. I filled all the nail holes and seams with wood putty and then when it was dry I sanded it down.

Since I sanded some parts of the shelf, I primed everything again before painting so that the entire shelf would have the same texture and appearance when painted. When painting shelves, we recommend using high-gloss enamel paint. The higher the gloss, the more durable it is. For a smoother finish, I recommend using a foam roller.

Then, once the shelf is dry, you’ll want to wrap it in masking tape and get back to painting the wall. My wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s the perfect warm white, but not too hot.

Then I got another surprising detail for this DIY LEGO shelf tutorial: LIGHTS! I used sticky back LED strips and it was so easy. These can change color and sync to music! Got a big LEGO set? Do you have groups and mini-characters to show off? Here are a bunch of cool ideas for creating cool LEGO displays at home.

Clever Lego Display Ideas That Will Show Off Your Kid’s Creations

This post is about great display ideas. If you want to learn how to sort and store bricks for efficient building, we have a separate article on LEGO storage and organization.

Before we talk about the LEGO set and the miniature display, let’s talk about how to keep it clean. LEGO sets collect a lot of dust and a simple quilt may not be enough because of all the cracks and crevices.

There are two things we like to use to clean LEGO sets and minifigures. First, we wipe it with a soft brush, such as those that come with watercolor sets. Second, we use compressed air. For the price, you won’t want to use compressed air exclusively, even if it is very fast and efficient! With compressed air and a little brushing powder, you can keep your kits looking good all the time.

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To organize small figures and miniature parts, we use plastic containers with compartments. We have the IKEA Glis boxes, but it looks like the compartment boxes are out of stock! sad!

Diy Lego Shelf Authentic, 55% Off

Chests are perfect for minifigures that you play with and change all the time, but we love to feature collectible miniatures like characters from the Marvel, Disney and Muppets series, as well as Star Wars characters.

If you want to show off your miniatures, you can create a wall display or an upper cabinet. Check out both types of ideas below!

We recently added these IKEA shelves to our LEGO Zone! You can learn how to make a mini shelf here: Easy LEGO Display Stands.

It also works well for turning an IKEA frame into a miniature display. We love our country. IKEA has discontinued this shadow box frame, but a regular frame will work. Thumbnails will pop out of the frame.

Lego Storage Idea

Here’s an interesting and inexpensive LEGO display stand that’s easy to build out of wood! I love this project because it will be easy to adjust to the size you need for your kit. The leaflet contains all the instructions you need.

If you’d rather not hang something on the wall, here’s a great little display that can be placed above a desk, dresser, or desk. It is made of wood and painted. It’s easy to make using most pre-cut boards from the hardware store.

You can create a three-tiered version of smaller groups that are very easy to build. Details in the post!

I invited readers to share some of their ideas for LEGO exhibitions. More than one person browsing thrift stores has mentioned shelves that can be rearranged to display LEGO minifigures.

Lego Room For Display And Play

Send the reader Kristen pictured below. He found this shelf at a thrift store and painted it white. Very nice!

You can even use a magnetic board to display the minifigures! These figures stand on cubes to which magnets are glued. Thanks to Gabro for sending the photo. He says to make sure the magnets are strong enough to support the weight of the minifigures without sliding around the board, especially if they contain tools or accessories.

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As with the small LEGO figures, you will first need to decide whether you want to hang shelves on the wall or something that stands on the floor like a bookcase. We’ll show you great ideas with both types of storage!

I love this awesome LEGO Collection perforated tablet screen! Thanks to Alli for sending this photo.

Of The Best Lego Storage Ideas

With a perforated panel like this, you can easily adjust the size and height of the shelves to fit the groups you want to display. Plus, you’re not stuck with a permanent design. Very smart and looks great.

Send a reader Andrea in this cool LEGO sticker stand. Her husband TJ found this at a garage sale and reused it for LEGO sets! I love how perfect it is for displaying vehicles. You never know what you might find at a garage sale or thrift store. So it’s worth a look!

Andrea also sent pictures of their mini display, which consists of basic LEGO boards attached to command bars. I love this creative idea!

I love this cool IKEA shelf for LEGO sets from Clean and Scentsible. You can fit a lot into a small space and I love that the height of these shelves is great for younger kids. Featuring a full LEGO bedroom tour you won’t want to miss.

Easy Lego Display Shelves

We display our LEGO sets on IKEA bookshelves both in our playroom (where our LEGO space is located) and in the children’s bedrooms.

For serious collectors, this DIY LEGO wall is a homeowner’s dream! wonderful! We recommend that you also take a look at all of the organization’s tips.

I love this idea of ​​using IKEA Lack shelves to display LEGO sets! This will work well in providing maximum storage space in a small room.

This site is no longer available, but you should be able to tell from the picture.

Diy Ideas For Lego Minifigure Storage

For more display space, I really like this thing

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