Lulu hosts Discover America Festival

US Ambassador Timmy T Davis; UDC President and CEO Ibrahim Jasim Al Osman; Dr. Mohamed Althaf, Director of Lulu Group International; and others hosted the ‘Discover America’ festival at Lulu Hypermarket at The Pearl-Qatar yesterday.

Lulu Group has launched its annual Discover America festival, featuring more than 5,000 American products, including 700 new products.

US Ambassador to Qatar Timmy T Davis inaugurated the festival yesterday at Lulu Hypermarket at Lulu Mall, Giardino, The Pearl-Qatar.

The opening ceremony was attended by Ibrahim Jassim Al Osman, President and CEO of United Development Company; Yasser Al Jaidah, CEO, Qatar Cool; and other guests from the U.S. Embassy, ​​the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the USDA Office of Agriculture, and the American Women’s Association. Running until December 4 at all Lulu hypermarkets in Qatar and other countries in the region, the festival is a celebration of the variety and bounty of American products available at Lulu.

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Hypermarkets offer great deals on fresh American fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, cheeses, sauces, prime cuts of meat, a wide variety of breakfast foods, ice cream, coffee, cake mixes, fruit juice syrups and condiments. More than 5,000 American products will be on display, including 700 new product lines. The popular Lulu Kitchens filled the aisles with special hot dishes with an American flavor. This year, more than 36 new brands representing 700 new items were added to the growing list of US FMCG products in the store.

Speaking to media representatives at the event, the US ambassador said: “The trade relations between Qatar and the US are amazing. We want this relationship to become a solid foundation. Today, we are working to promote US products in Qatar through Lulu Hypermarket, bringing not only conventional products, but also organic products and fresh meat.

According to him, this is an example of support for building a trade foundation between the two countries.

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“The Discover America Festival is very important to us because it showcases US foods, fruits and vegetables and meats and makes a big contribution to the promotion of US products in Qatar. The festival will also feature American cuisine and traditional foods, including chicken and barbecue, the ambassador said.

He said the festival will feature a wide variety of products from all over the United States, from fresh fruits and vegetables to dairy products and processed foods.

“As part of the festival, Lulu Hypermarkets will offer organic fruits and vegetables and vegetarian products, giving consumers a chance to taste a wide range of healthy foods,” the ambassador said.

Director of Lulu Group International, Dr. Mohamed Althaf, said: “Lulu Group organizes the annual Discover America festival in Qatar as part of its efforts to promote American agricultural traditions and food habits.” He said the festival, which is also being held at the newly opened Lulu hypermarket in Giardino, will attract many fans to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, thereby promoting US products.

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The festival has become popular in Qatar year after year and attracts a large number of customers. To increase food imports from the US, Lulu Group is expanding its export distribution center in New Jersey, USA, called Y International USA Inc. We are now looking for a larger facility to accommodate our growing business. Soon we will be able to move to a new fully automated facility,” said Dr. Althaf. Launched in partnership with the US Embassy in Doha, the festival is a great way to explore the popularity of products that reflect the new flavors America is introducing to the world and will excite shoppers in time for the World Cup.


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