Matty Healy Shares Kiss with Fans at Separate The 1975 Shows

Singer Matty Healy in 1975 shared a kiss on stage with two fans at back-to-back concerts on the band’s “At Their Very Best” US tour (tickets here).

The debutant locked lips with a female fan at the band’s Las Vegas show on Friday, November 25. During the release of his 2013 debut album “Robbers”, Healy led the singer to a bed in the middle and near the end of the song, invited him to stand, put his arm around his arm and began to move before being pulled away. but a kiss. The fan was quickly ushered offstage as Healy appeared to emerge from the floor to finish the set.

The fan identified himself and told the story of leading the event through Twitter, shared that Healy found her after holding up a banner on her phone that read “So are we having sex?” His request appeared to be a reference to the singer’s comments earlier in the show, where he turned down other audience members’ requests by saying, “I can only meet you at yours. ” He also explained that “he ASKED before he kissed me!”

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Healy followed up the fiery fan interaction with another smooch at the 1975 San Diego stop on Saturday. At the same time, Healy hugged a male singer on stage for a little slow dance before sharing a sensual kiss. The fan started jumping up and down in giggles as the two parted, but Healy leaned in to plant another kiss, leaving the guest confused as they were led away by security. Check out fan photos of both moments below.

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The gas-filled stage event is like a wake-up call for the frontman of the band The 1975, who exchanged saliva with fans, especially during the “Robbers” concert in 2014. In 2019, he kissed a man Healy was a fan at the band’s show in Dubai. against the harsh anti-LGBTQ laws in the United Arab Emirates.

1975 are currently on the road in support of their latest LP, Funny in a foreign language. His North American tour runs through December and has so far included a headline show at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where a shirtless Healy ate raw meat. Reserve your seats for the remaining dates through Ticketmaster.


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