Model, horse lover pegged as taking Prince Harry’s ‘stallion’ virginity

Yes or shut up?

Keen readers want to know who “rode” Prince Harry behind a bar the night he lost his virginity at 17 – with a celebrity lover who refused to confirm the statement.

In the bombshell book by the Duke of Sussex, “Spare” – which appeared before the publication date on Tuesday – described the romantic relationship as “disgraceful”. He even included intimate details about his unnamed “older” horse-loving friend, who rode him like a “horse” and “beat” him.

As rumors swirled about a possible lady-in-the-making, fingers pointed to Suzannah Harvey, a former model and CEO of England’s Cotswold Airport. The Post has reached out to Harvey for comment.

Prince Harry in an interview
Prince Harry has taken a closer look at his life as a young royal – including his first sexual experiences.

The blond bombshell, who is six years older than Harry, reportedly refused to speak to the press about the upcoming reunion.

In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2002, Harvey recalled meeting the young prince, who was still a teenager at the time.

The Beaufort Hunt Christmas Ball – and Harry is said to be staring at Harvey. He replayed Harry’s night of flirting and compliments, leading him outside into a muddy field.

“It was really nice, but when we kissed, I started to worry that her bodyguards would find her. I didn’t want to mess it up,” he told the Daily Mail at the time. “He was a wild child, and William couldn’t help it. Outside, he handled me like an adult.”

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“He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him. It was like his hands were all around my waist,” she added.

Harry and Harvey
Harvey (right) said the young prince “visited” because of his terrible evening.

His kiss was the highlight, he said, describing them as “full of love”.

“My mouth is numb and I can’t move,” she said, adding that she admired her “sexy body.”

“When he started getting more enthusiastic, I started to worry. He felt my pain, and my back was in the direction we came from, so a stranger saw us,” he continued, although he said he tried to “keep my hands to myself.”

“It was so hot that steam rose from us into the cold air. He is very experienced in taking care of women.”

The former model is said to have refused to give details about the relationship with Harry, despite all the claims to the Daily Mail 20 years ago.

Without confirmation, there is no way to identify the mystery woman who took Harry’s V card, although royal fans are beginning to rule it out.

The Duke has been linked to a string of older women over the years, including former actress Caroline Flack, who is six years his senior; presenter Natalie Pinkham, who is seven years her senior; and even former “Real Housewives” star Catherine Ommanney, who has been with the prince for 13 years.

Although no one confirmed or denied the sexual claims in the duke’s memoir, the actress Elizabeth Hurley took herself as “not guilty.”

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“Not me. Not guilty. Not me. No,” he told the Sunday Times in an interview last month.

In his memoirs, the Duke admitted that the mistake “he allowed to happen in the field, behind a busy restaurant”, because someone might have spied on him in the heat of the moment.

“I rode him fast, and then he spanked my ass and made me go,” she wrote about sex in her book. “One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in the field, behind a very busy bar. There is no doubt that someone saw us.”

Now CEO of Cotswold Airport, Harvey once painted the prince as good with women after allegedly experiencing the kiss full of “motivation” live.

The pub is said to be the Rattlebone Inn, and former boss Franck Ortet said he knew who the happy lady was – but declined to name her in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“I won’t name him, but he came from their social circle, so he wasn’t afraid of Harry or his status,” she said.

“They used to play drinking games together. At one point they took turns downing ‘snake bite and black’, a combination of lager, cider and blackcurrant,” Ortet added, calling the unnamed woman a “tomboy”. “Then she let out a big burp. this is a girl.”

But Ortet said he had “never seen Harry kiss a girl”, as he was “very careful about people seeing him” – despite the lack of “female fans”.

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Rattlebone Inn
The smoky encounter is believed to have taken place at the Rattlebone Inn, although this has not been confirmed.

Intrepid readers have had a field day with the “Spare” conspiracy that emerged after a Spanish seller accidentally put the book up for sale a few days ago.

What was expected to be a bombshell memoir gave the Internet more than it bargained for — V-card accidents, circumcision affirmations and, oh my, cold sperm stories.

Even the A-listers were shocked by the extreme transparency the Duke revealed in the memoir.

“What else? Are we with Meghan [Markle] do a pap smear? I mean, what’s next?” Bethenny Frankel said in an Instagram video on Friday morning, criticizing Harry’s habit of oversharing. “Actually, I feel like I’m going to do a rectal exam with Harry and William.”

“We get it. We understand that. I mean, what else are we going to do? Like the high colony with the king?” added the former “Family Mother.” “We know that s- -t went down. It’s about family, like it’s going to be crazy. I mean, it’s so funny.

In “Spare”, officially out on Tuesday, Harry explores his troubled relationship with his family – including the details of Princess Diana’s death – and explains what it means truth behind all the bitter headlines about her and Markle.


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