Party City Chantilly

Party City Chantilly – “It’s a young man’s game,” said Kevin Davlin, 48, a bar owner at 2660 S. Fifth St. “Let’s face it, I’m not young. People my age don’t go out until three in the morning.” .

But there are not as many people at closing time as before. Chantilly Lace’s business is down 65 percent since Springfield’s smoking ban went into effect nearly two years ago, Davlin said, and it hasn’t been able to stem the flow of customers.

Party City Chantilly

“We tried live music,” Davlin said. “We’ve tried everything. The biggest and best use (of the site) is no longer a bar.”

A Postman Cycles Past The Entrance Of The Building Where French Labour Minister Eric Woerth And His Wife Florence Live In Chantilly July 27, 2010. Woerth, Who Has Denied Receiving Any Illegal

Real estate agents, Davlin said, told him a gas station or pharmacy would be more profitable for the building, which is currently housed in a 1966 building. Before it was converted to a bar in 1986, the building housed a pizzeria, and Davlin remembers washing cars while working there.

Davlin declined to say how much the 4,800-square-foot bar is worth, but fair market value is around $450,000, according to Sangamon County property records. Doug Kent, a trade broker who is investigating Davlin’s assets and claim prospects, doesn’t have numbers yet.

“I got this list yesterday,” Kent said Monday. “The price per square foot in that neighborhood is about $10 a foot. Then there are the demolition costs. (Davlin) seems to have been a motivated seller. It’s just one lot, it’s land. In my opinion, it would be better served by building.” new.”

A 1950s-themed restaurant when it first opened, Chantilly Lace has evolved over the years into a venue that offers hip hop, Top 40, and even swing music. But the customers are very few.

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Davlin blamed Springfield’s smoking ban, which went into effect more than a year before the state ban went into effect eight months ago.

“When Springfield quit, people moved from my bar to the Curve Inn (in Southern View),” Davlin said. “If people liked it, they stayed there. Even my staff left, they moved to the Curve Hotel. They had to follow the money.”

Davlin would not say if a potential buyer has emerged, or if he plans to open another bar. He said that he has no plans to sell Jerome Barrel Head, which he has owned since 2000, but that he is always willing to try.

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“There is no pride in ownership,” Davlin said. “Everything in my life, except my mother, is for sale.” When Klaus Bischoff, head of design for the Volkswagen brand, talks about identity. BUGGY, he rejoiced. Interviews about old cars, new designs and interesting electric cars.

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Mister. Bischoff, as a car designer, you deal with the cars of tomorrow. Why did we meet you at a car party yesterday?

Klaus Bischoff: Because you get a cross section through different periods in a very dense area. In this way, the development of the vehicle dynamics can be accurately tracked for several hundred meters, both technical and design improvements. You can clearly see what is left or improved. That’s what makes it so interesting.

…That is all. I have already had the honor of being at Pebble Beach and Amelia Island in the United States. But there is another side to this. You are standing here in a structure steeped in history. The palace behind us breathes history and, of course, puts everything in its place, characterized by French savoir-vivre.

The Concourse d’Elegance Chantilly, officially Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille, along with the Concorso d’Elegance Villa d’Este in Lake Como and the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, is one of the world’s largest automotive design competitions. important. . business. The event took place for the fifth time this year and drew at least 18,000 people to the small town some 50 kilometers north of Paris. Volkswagen ID. BUGGY won the Audience Award.

Great Stables Of Prince De Conde & Palace Chantilly

The special thing about classic car racing in France is the location. Historic cars are displayed and prizes are awarded in the wonderful shadow of the Château de Chantilly. It was built in the 16th century as a beautiful Renaissance castle. Over the centuries, the inhabitants transformed the castle into a Baroque building, which remains an inspiration today.

Mainly because of the impressive castle garden of 115 hectares with fountains and water features, as well as an English garden, an Anglo-Chinese garden and its own small forest. Built in the 19th century with the support of the Duke of Aumale, the racecourse still hosts the famous “Prix du Diane” every June.

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No more. My time just doesn’t allow me to take care of these precious things. It’s about driving. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with my workload. But the cars are not forced to wait.

Correctly distributing everything that needs to be done. First: The car must be something special. It is not enough to be different. Second, the action must also be correct. Therefore, you need to fill in different parameters and enter the equation. A car should educate people, solve problems, and create access.

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Beetle, of course. Check your history. What’s so special about the Beetle? The design, the technology, the concept, the way it was built. But most importantly, it became an icon because it gave millions of people access to the movement. It opened the doors to a new world that was previously closed to people. Before the Beetle, only the rich went on vacations by car, not everyone. This is important to understand when looking at the Volkswagen brand: we do things that matter to people. When it comes to wire transfer, this comes back into play. We want to make electric mobility accessible to everyone. And in a sustainable way.

Speaking of beetles. The original bug was made in California based on the Beetle. It is now displaying the ID BUGGY1 here. Why this new edition of the classic?

This has to do with the potential that electrical activity gives designers. With the electric motor we have great creative freedom, which we celebrate by creating new models. But always with reference to the history of the brand. BUGGY’s identity was not about copying the past, but about putting free translation on wheels. The concept of pure electricity. If you compare ID. BUGGY With the original Buggy, you can see that it is completely different. But in the soul, the freedom to drive without a roof and without a door, it is the same. Sit in it, drive it, enjoy it, and eventually I can even wash the interior. It is as simple, as pure, as simple as an engine can be: pure driving fun.

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When it comes to electric mobility, people often talk about technology, especially batteries. What is the role of design?

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Design is the key and motivation: product appeal, brand connection, function connection, entertainment, user experience, digital infrastructure integration, all of these have design-related points o design. it is itself a field of design. Our goal as designers is to inspire people: if we can make them say, “That’s cool, that’s crazy, that’s what I want,” we’ve got it all, make it right.

That is all. A car should always be associated with emotions. Designers create movement with emotion. At least that’s an important part. We want to enrich people’s lives in a unique way. Our cars should open people’s hearts.

We want to eliminate them. Volkswagen will make electric driving easier and more widespread. Success, simplicity, diversity: I don’t have to worry about all these things. Id.32, Id. With the BUZZ3 and the ID VIZZION4, we have already shown that we can design different types of hand gestures accurately. Following the identity of BUGGY, we now show how a simple and fun product can be electrified. Because you can have fun, that is clearly allowed. It doesn’t always have to be true, but it’s also great.

This is simple: give the proportion, the design, the features, the language of the style so that people can understand it. BUGGY ID has a pretty face. Now, many children were standing in front of them. They come here naturally because the car looks friendly, not aggressive. Kindness is very important. Beetle, Bulli, Buggy – these are kind products. This also applies to Golf, ID.3 and ID. BUZZ

Albrecht Dürer: An Exhibition Of The Master Perpetually In Search Of The Absolute

It’s okay. Even the original Buggy remained a symbol of freedom and the joyous Californian lifestyle. BUGGY ID will do that too, once we get it out on the road. When you sit in it and drive, you will immediately understand what I mean. She just puts on a smile

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