Personalized Investing Portfolios: Unlock the Greatest Potential

Last year, I wrote about direct indexing, a lesser-known investment method that has begun to surpass both ETFs and mutual funds in investor acceptance. One of the highlights of this approach, which traditional ETFs or mutual fund structures don’t offer, is personalization.

Our current financial environment is rife with recession concerns and inflation concerns. Today’s investors, of all experience levels, are looking for investment strategies that not only combat market volatility but also address their personal and financial values. Consumers are looking for personalization in almost every aspect of their lives. A 2021 McKinsey study (opens in a new tab) found that consumers not only want personalization, but demand it more than ever, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and post-2020 surge in digital behavior.

Advisors expect more clients to want personalization in their portfolio


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