Prince Harry Speaks Cocaine Use & Telling His Story On ITV Interview – Deadline

In the first of several interviews promoting the new memoir thrifty, Prince Harry said he “spent the last six years with my own family” before he “fled my country in fear of our lives”.

Harry offered a special platform against “smells, leaks and cultivation” to the press that came from the royal family specifically about him and his wife Meghan Markle as a reason for his introduction in the Netflix documentary first. Harry & Meghan and then the book plus a series of three interviews in the US in the next 24 hours.

“The level of cultivation from other members of the royal family means they have written thousands of books,” he added. “It came at a time when we had to leave. The misrepresentation is that we wanted to leave to make money but that’s not the case, we stayed for life. “

In a highly anticipated interview with friend and ITV Correspondent Tom Bradby, Harry criticized “some members of the royal family who have been living with the devil” – the devil being the tabloid media. British.

Although he says he “understands” why they did it, he is after “reconciliation” and therefore tells his story through documentaries and books. Harry did not elaborate on what he meant by his “devilish” remarks but will no doubt have the English reaction playing a guessing game after the 90-minute in-depth interview that could leave his hopes of a “reconciliation” open. a few. a step away.

The Duke of Sussex, who now lives in LA with his wife, said he spent almost all of his time in contact with his ex-husband. a lawsuit is filed The actress has been “writing letters, talking and emailing” members of the royal family about their plight, but has always been told: “That’s not what’s happening, imagine you.”

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He urged his family to “do a lot of work for themselves” in the same way he did, pointing to his acknowledgment of the problems with “unconscious bias” he’s dealt with in recent years.

“Families can learn a lot from this,” he said.

“Unconscious bias” was part of a strange segment of the interview in which Harry appeared to refer to the unnamed ‘racist king’ – which he and Markle highlighted during their interview on Oprah in 2021 questioned the darkness of her son Archie’s skin – in fact. It’s not racism, it’s showing unconscious bias.

“There are many stereotypes”

Even if they were a lawsuit is filed fans, he said that brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton disliked Markle almost immediately and “there was a lot of stereotyping” because of Markle as “an American actress, divorced and biracial.”

“This stereotype created a barrier for them to integrate,” he added. “They lived in a tabloid bubble, not reality.” In fact, Harry is in the process of filing three separate lawsuits against British tabloid media organizations, including one against himself and several high-profile figures. Daily Mail owners hire investigators to plant listening devices in their homes.

Much of the interview was spent discussing Harry’s current relationship with William, which many teased before the start of the Save. She spoke about the difference in press coverage of her relationship with Markle compared to William and Middleton and said William told her when he got engaged to Markle, “It’s going to be really hard for you.”

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“For the last six years I’ve been trying to get in touch with my own family,” he added, in response to questions about his often-criticized decision on the issue.

“If I had stopped before I left my country with my wife and son fearing for our lives, things could have been different.”

Harry later spoke about his father, King Charles III’s marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, and published another book in which he said he encouraged the couple not to marry.

Harry continued to talk about his mother Princess Diana’s death 25 years ago after reading an excerpt from a book about the time his father told him his mother had died.

“This is relatable to anyone who has experienced loss,” he added, before referring to the feeling of the “wet hands” of well-wishers in the days after Diana’s death – the people good will that wiped away his tears.

He said to the people watching Harry & Meghan will ask “why do you want your family back?” “But he really wants them back 100%,” adding, “I hope the reconciliation between my family and ours will have a ripple effect around the world.”

He said it’s “going slow,” which makes some people “upset and angry.”

Dismissing the notion that she has spent too much time telling her story and reflecting on her past, she described the documentary, book and interview as “cathartic” and that she has “a lot of energy”.

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“There’s a lot of relief now that they’re over,” he said. “I’ve made peace with that but I still hope to be held accountable.”

An emotional week

The interview comes after a shocking week of embarrassment from the book being dropped by the UK media, after the book was accidentally published in Spain days before, while at the time regularly publishing for interview to come on ITV and CBS.

The most surprising thing was The Guardian A revelation of the extraordinary physical attack that Harry said took place at the hands of his brother William, who William said pushed Harry into the pool after Markle said it was “difficult” , “rude” and “destructive”.

This extract was also read from an interview with Bradby, where Harry said he “saw a red mist in William”.

The therapy that “helped him control that anger and frustration” kept Harry from fighting, he added.

Returning to the much-discussed topic, Harry said the fight happened after a false story from a British tabloid newspaper.

Other conclusions that have emerged in recent days concern Harry’s drug addiction, losing his virginity and killing 25 Taliban while serving in Afghanistan. Regarding drug use, Harry said in an ITV interview that the revelation was “important to accept”.

He will be interviewed at 7pm EST on CBS’ 60 minutes with Anderson Cooper today, before his appearance The Late Show SY Good Morning America tomorrow.


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