‘SEAL Team’ Recap: Season 6 Episode 8 — Max Thieriot as Clay

The following contains major spoilers from the November 6 episode of SEAL teamnow streaming on Paramount+.

In the eighth section of the SEAL team Season 6, Life Beyond the Wire began to look very good for Clay Spenser (played by Max Thieriot), because he advised his wife Stella (Alona Tal) to blow up the three-meter family world, to put Vah Beach on the rear view mirror and start a new self. his life away from work, Green Team et al.

But it wasn’t until Clay told Jason before the Mali op that he planned to quit that a red flag waved. Clay’s sweet talk with Stella is interrupted by a call from Ben, the desperate man he met at Ray and Naima’s clinic last week. Clay walks into the night and finds Ben about to destroy the army recruiting center. And when Clay talks Ben out of trashing the place, Ben pulls out a pistol to aim for his head.

Clay managed to talk Ben out of taking his own life, and took the gun from him. But then a guard’s flashlight suddenly illuminated the men, revealing the gun in Clay’s hand, and Ben on the other side, scared. The guard quickly fires two bullets at Clay, who falls to the ground and dies instantly, while Ben escapes into the night.

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“Easy day.”

After this week’s episode aired, TVLine hopped on the phone with showrunner Spencer Hudnut to discuss Thieriot’s new treatment regimen. Fire Country His role has an impact on Clay’s fate, and how Bravo will handle this bomb as it heads into a very dangerous deficit during the season two finale (live on November 13 and 20).

TV LINE | Spencer, my feelings about you right now as a performer are very sweet difficult.
Yes, I can imagine. That’s how I feel about myself sometimes, so….

TV LINE | CBS has ordered a pilot for Max’s Fire Country in early February, we were asked to do a series in mid-May. At what point in the development process for that show did that happen SEAL team Is the “off-ramp” starting to form?
It actually started at the end of season 5; There were some questions about Max returning in Season 6, hence the Season 5 cliffhanger [in Mali] it is somewhat dictated by it. And like Fire Country As each development milestone passed, it became clearer and clearer that there was a very real possibility that Max would be lost at some point. So for the story we’ve been building with Clay this season, we know we have to separate him from the team to maximize the amount of potential we get with Max before he goes.

Fire Country

‘country of fire’

As for the decision [to kill off Clay]…. I really kicked the can down the road as much as possible, hoping Max wouldn’t quit the show, and we’d keep him. It may have been only a month after that Fire Country uploaded [to series] it was clear that Max had left. Everyone was talking about how he could do both shows, but it was clear that wasn’t the case.

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TV LINE | As ambitious as Max is, it can’t be contained.
It is not. He shoots [Fire Country] in Vancouver, he was the star of that show, we were in second place…. Our seasons are not lined up, and we are now on short order…. Right now I’m sitting here breaking down season 7, so how can I introduce Clay without knowing if/when/how we can bring him back? Definitely not after that Fire Country got the green light for the series but we had to deal with this fact, and by that time we had already cut most of the season and written half of it. We were kind of stuck in a box.

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TV LINE | So… there was a scenario where CBS’ Fire Country is DOA on first release and Max is leaving the rOA job.
It’s possible, but honestly I had a lot of faith Fire Country since Max first talked to me about it. It’s a great show. If I thought he had a chance to screw up, I might have made a different decision about Clay’s fate, but I have every confidence that this show will air for years on CBS. I’m really proud of Max and excited for him, but at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for SEAL team, and I feel that if he is going to leave, his departure has the biggest impact on the show and my responsibility is on the team. BUT [killing off Clay] was the hardest decision I’ve made in this series, by a long shot.


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