Sparkling, very still: An uber rich life

Going through the kinds of television programs that the audience likes, it seems that the world is tired of accepting, or waiting for evil magic. If complex stories, combining humans and mythical creatures like Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon, have a lot of appeal, it’s because these Covid years are so unpredictable. If reality seems certain, only dreams can represent life.

If art is a reflection of life and we are separated from fake news and other realities, it is not surprising that reality TV, ironically, feels fictional. Netflix’s Dubai Bling, the latest example of an embarrassing disappointment in this category, repeats all the usual routines expected of a story centered around a rich and famous woman in a relationship. -living: flashy cars, designer labels and cheesy dinner dates that involve helicopters. . (Similar scenes can be seen in The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives and Selling Sunset). However, behind the bejeweled socialites hopping from soirees to nightclubs, there’s a magical gold glittering on the skyscrapers — by far, the most interesting attribute of Dubai Bling is the glittering metropolis.

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In some circles, Dubai is called the best city in India. According to government data, more than 4,000 High Net Worth Indians have been relocated as NRIs to UAE global centers this year. There are many reasons. This is a start to ensure that their high school children can make an easy transition to the West for college. Some say it would be a better way of life — but who, in their right mind, would continue to breathe the toxic air of Delhi or face the deplorable infrastructure of Mumbai and Bangalore if given the choice? Others worry about India’s ongoing social, political and economic upheaval. There is no doubt, however, that the main motivation to move comes from the potential loopholes in Dubai’s investment policy that allow skilled entrepreneurs to escape regulations, and avoid tax pioneers from the Strong Enforcement Directorate here.

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As the super rich everywhere want to protect their wealth, Dubai is full of industrialists, successful performance artists and aristocrats from its unstable neighbors like Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran. As a result, it is a playground for rich expats and retirees, whose lives are very different from those of the participants in Dubai Bling.

The presence of Transnational NRIs has many financial advantages, if we philosophically accept that the frustration is the cost of increasing the bank balance (in the degree of risk that 90% of humanity, it doesn’t qualify as a problem). However, someone should make a reality show about the millionaire NRIs sitting in their towers in burning purgatory, twiddling their thumbs, their only job being to manage their wealth, which takes 45 minutes each. day. What to do with 16 waking hours for 182 days? (The rule is, an NRI cannot be physically present in India for more than six months in a year, and cannot work in Dubai). So, the biggest problem for rich NRIs is that despite the glittering streets and buzzing nightlife, time hangs tight. The days, spent between spas, gyms, hotels – and the many other joys of laziness – quickly disappear. Living outside the confines of a normal job is lonely, even if you are surrounded by international travelers who suffer from the same ennui problem.

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“Here’s the booze, the rose-colored glasses of life,” mutters the hero of Scott F Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned, whose ambitions are quenched but a lack of purpose creates an agonizing emptiness. . The theme of Dubai Bling brings the exuberance of the jazz age, which plays in the city’s expat scene today. The problem does not stop. Even if the mind is satisfied a thousand times, there is an exhausting laziness to contend with.

The writer is a director of Hutkay Films


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