The Way Of Water Tops $1.5B Global, Now 10th Biggest Film Ever – Deadline

Thursday Update: James Cameron Avatar: The Path of Water, as expected (see below), surpassed $1.5B worldwide with Wednesday’s numbers. Total runs till yesterday are $1,516.5Mit means that it has been achieved Top Gun: Maverick will be the number one worldwide release in 2022. In addition, it is now the 10th highest grossing film in the world.

The 20th Century Studios/Disney sci-fi epic has also passed in the past Anger 7 worldwide. Today it will pass The Avengers to claim the No. 9 spot on the all-time world charts.

Internationally, it is the 9th biggest film of all time, and, in Europe, the highest of the pandemic era (already Spider-Man: No Way Home). It is also the No. 5 all-time finish for the region.

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Midweek continues to be strong for the Na’vi with Wednesday helping $26.4M from 52 foreign markets (-33% last Wednesday).

Not included in the above totals, Korea is at an estimated $79.6M cume as of Thursday and China at about $173M, with Maoyan raising the final estimate to RMB 1.5B ($218M) in the market.

The top 5 markets since Wednesday are China ($168.6M), France ($96.1M), Korea ($78.2M), Germany ($76.5M) and the UK ($60.9M).

PREVIOUSLY, WEDNESDAY: James Cameron Avatar: The waterway has officially now, and as predicted, exceeded the mark of 1 billion dollars in the international office with a loss on Tuesday. What else for this 20th Century Studios/Disney juggernaut, in the $1,482.5M worldwide as of Tuesday, the epic sci-fi sequel is following another major milestone and will reach $1.5B worldwide when the current numbers are counted. By doing so, it will become the world’s number one in 2022, more than that Top Gun: Maverick$1.489B.

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The cume outside until Tuesday is $1,025Bwhen added $28.3M in 52 international markets yesterday (down 44% compared to last Tuesday). Wow is the first marine release of 2022 and No. 2 of the epidemic season. It is the 9th international ranking ever, up from the previous 11th The fate of the angry SY Jurassic World after 21 days in cinemas.

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Globally, it is the 12th biggest-grossing release of all time, surpassing Disney’s Frozen II.

After the holiday season, and although there are still local holidays in the market abroad, the midweek is still strong and there are many tracks ahead.

Not included in the above total, China Wednesday brought in an estimated $3M for a domestic run cume of $170M. Maoyan plans to finalize $215M. Also not included above, Korea has grossed $78.8M so far.

As of Tuesday, the top 10 foreign markets were: China ($165.5M), France ($95M), Korea ($77.2M), Germany ($73.4M), UK ($59.5M), INDIA ($51.4M), Mexico ($39.1M), Australia ($37.9M), Italy ($33.8M) and Spain ($30.5M).


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