What lies ahead for women entrepreneurs in India?

At the beginning of 2022, venture capitalists in India predicted that trading would slow from the previous year’s record, but few could have predicted the extent to which the recession would eventually materialize. .

India’s VC market ended December on a note clearly less optimistic than in previous years, with continued uncertainty about how long current market conditions will persist and How long will the full impact on startups be?

While both investors and entrepreneurs believe that trading this year will continue at a slower pace for the benefit of both investors and companies, they also say that some of the most exciting opportunities for women-led companies.

The main reason for this is because the companies founded by women today still receive significantly less capital than the startups led by men, and that is why Learn how to use cash effectively – a skill many startups need this year.

In recent years, the number of female entrepreneurs in India has increased dramatically. According to a NASSCOM report, the percentage of women starting a business in India has increased from 8% in 2014 to 13% in 2019.

In addition, according to the IBEF, some compelling reasons to invest in women-run businesses are the potential for higher returns and high risk tolerance. According to a survey by KPMG, 43% of women are willing to take more risks.

We reached out to entrepreneurs and investors to see what to expect in the coming year. Here are the main points.

Shauraya Bhutani, Co-Founder of Capital Connect Advisors, and Founder and Partner at Breathe Capital

All things being equal, female-led startups have a clear competitive advantage. It is no longer subject to debate as numerous evidence-based studies have proven this – a study of 350 startups conducted by BCG, businesses founded by women that generate high revenue. more—more than two times per dollar invested—than those founded by men. These startups also have a more inclusive work culture and employ 3 times more women than male-led startups.

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Smart venture capital firms are paying attention to data and looking to not only support more female founders, but also increase representation of women on their teams – which will ultimately lead to more female entrepreneurs raise more funds in 2023 and beyond.

Closer – India sees most of the women-led startups turn into unicorns by 2021. In addition, the Indian government has increased the budget for Women and Children Development further. 14% in 2021 – set aside more than Rs. 30,000 cores in Fiscal Year 21, we hope a certain portion of that will help women start their entrepreneurial journeys.

This dramatic transformation underscores the potential of Indian women and their determination. In the coming decades, India will witness a major shift in which women dominate the workforce and shape and enhance the future of the country. An estimated 30 million more women-owned businesses are expected to provide 150–170 million jobs by 2030. This could be a game changer and help brighten the economic outlook. ever.

Divya Gokulnath, Co-Founder, BYJU’S

I’ve always believed that entrepreneurs should be defined by the bravery of their beliefs, not their gender. We can only build a future of equality when we remove male and female prefixes and focus on building leaders.

Having said that, 2022 is a landmark year. We see a continued increase in women breaking barriers across multiple sectors – in Droupadi Murmu, India saw its first female tribal president, the success of its IPO. Nykaa led by Falguni Nayak has paved the way for more women-led businesses, Madhabi Buch is writing history as SEBI’s first female president, and there couldn’t have been a better ending. for 2022 in addition to Savita Punia and Co. raise the FIH Women’s Hockey Nations Cup in Spain. These symbols have transcended layers of generational biases to keep us hopeful for the future.

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In 2023, I look forward to more such decisive victories for women everywhere.

I envision women not waiting to get a seat at the table but building their own, the world getting rid of sexist glasses and each of us making changes increase will persist for decades. I see female entrepreneurs leveraging technology to accelerate their personal growth and push the boundaries of what they consider possible.

This year, we can expect more representation not only on paper but also in tangible and impactful spaces. With investors and policymakers paving the way for more female startups, the future of women-led businesses is ripe for disruption.

Even if macroeconomic challenges and funding winters may hamper the ecosystem, it is the faith, passion, and inherent resilience of entrepreneurs that will keep us strong. than on the other side.

Aakanksha Bhargava, Managing Director, PM Relocations Pvt Ltd

The Indian economy has been hailed as one of the fastest growing in the world over the past few years. This increase in economic activity is the result of the labor of many talented business owners and entrepreneurs. The rise of the Indian economy has also been greatly helped by female business owners and entrepreneurs.

By embodying the power of women in every industry—including technology, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and business—we challenge stereotypes every day. Women who are determined to prove their worth to the world will have a lot of opportunities in 2023. The number of female entrepreneurs increases, which has a positive impact on the social and economic demographics of India. . Women entrepreneurs must focus on acquiring fundamental skills and abilities that enable them to fully realize their rarity and spread the word about their exceptional influence.

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Priyanka Kanwar, Co-Founder, Falcon

2023 will be a year of great challenges and rewards for entrepreneurs. Today’s economic reset offers a unique opportunity for women in tech to evaluate their strategies and prioritize solid businesses and innovative ideas over expanding “growth at all costs”. The startups that solve the real problems will be the ones with the highest growth, as markets become more lucid and we see less clutter and more meaningful progress.

Madhumita Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, Oben Electric

Today, we are going through a very exciting period in the country where we are designing, building and delivering products and services in India and to the rest of the world. What’s more interesting to note is that at the forefront are women who are becoming powerful as self-employed entrepreneurs building multi-billion dollar businesses, taking risks, raising capital in spite of difficult limitations.

In 2023, I truly believe that such women will inspire more women to follow this path and take entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to the next level.

Shaili Chopra, Founder, Gytree.com and SheThePeople.TV

To succeed, female entrepreneurs must solve real-world problems. In my view, 2023 will see a transformation in women’s health thanks to platforms that are addressing their greatest needs – from menstruation to menopause. And this will happen not only by providing products and services but also by differentiating approaches, support, building trust and personalized care. In the world ahead of us, it will be easy to build technology-led platforms, but the hardest part will be growing customer communities.


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